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Google Ads or SEO: Which One Should You Choose for Business?

Google Ads or SEO: Which One Should You Choose for Business?

When you want to encourage your work on the web, it is needed to adopt the best master plan. Some will sell you the merits of SEO when others will tell you about Google Ads.. Some will sell you the merits of SEO when others will tell you about Google Ads. It is not always easy to see clearly between these two solutions and to know which will be the most relevant and the most effective for your company.

Why choose SEO?

SEO remains the best option for companies that do not wish to invest a large budget. Indeed, except if you opt for a delegation of the writing of your articles or for the purchase of links (normally prohibited by Google but still very widespread!), SEO will cost you nothing.With natural recall and at the price of a little calmness, you will get good conclusion.Another different master plan to SEO: the buy of position via Google Ads.

Google Ads in a nutshell

The principle is simple: you pay so that Google puts you forward on certain keywords that you have defined. The price varies considerably depending on the competition and the demand for the chosen keyword. In this way, each time your keyword is typed by someone on Google, your site will appear in the first line before the natural results, even if the latter have worked well on their SEO.

Why choose Google Ads?

This is undoubtedly the master plan to take on if you want to obtain a quick conclusion. It will still be needful to keep in mind that a sure budget will be await. It will therefore be needful to choose the keywords on which you wish to location yourself. This is a solution that sometimes need working with an agency be into in Google Ads.

Do you really have to choose between SEO and Google Ads?

We often like to make choices but in terms of SEO it is better not to put your eggs in one basket. We have seen previously that SEO was an effective long-term but inexpensive strategy, while Google Ads, on the other hand, allows a quick result but which will cost you more.

The best strategy is therefore surely to combine the two for optimal results.

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