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How to Increase Likes on Facebook: 15 Best Ways to Boost Fans

How to Increase Likes on Facebook: 15 Best Ways to Boost Fans

Increasing Facebook likes is a proven way to elevate and increase your website traffic through social media . It’s also a great way to build an engaged community of like-minded people who are willing to work with you to discuss, critique, help improve, and spread the word about what you do. If you want to learn how to increase Facebook likes, we have 15 simple steps.

Increasing your Facebook following is not an easy task. It takes time, patience and a lot of effort. But if you’re successful and attract a loyal following, you have a potential audience of a few billion people who can buy what you’re selling or spread the word about what you do.

Whether you’re building a broader social media marketing campaign or just focusing on Facebook for now, this article outlines 15 proven ways to get more likes on Facebook.

1. Make a Plan

Social media marketing, even for a small business, won’t be very effective unless you have a plan. The competition is high enough that you have to put all your effort into getting the maximum results.

With the help of the Facebook marketing plan, you can achieve your goals.

Your Facebook marketing plan should include:

  1. Audience analysis
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Your goals

This may look a bit complicated, but in reality, it isn’t.

Audience analysis

Audience analysis is a key element of any marketing campaign. In order for you to speak to your audience and engage them, you need to know who they are. This means thinking about their average age, most common social and economic demographics, social status, level of education, nationality, etc.

The analysis does not need to be too deep. Just consider the average age of the people you want to attract or who would buy the product or service you are selling. Consider the type of website they would visit, the type of books or magazines they might read, and the type of content they would like the most.

Competition analysis

Competitive analysis is another basic part of marketing. This usually means identifying major competitors and tracking what they are doing on their Facebook pages and elsewhere online. You can use some of what you find as inspiration. You can also identify areas where competition is lacking and use this to your advantage.

Don’t just copy what your competitors are doing on their own Facebook pages or you’ll get lost in the noise.

Your goals

Goal setting is crucial. Are you just after Facebook Likes or do you want more from your audience? We hope you will.

To be honest, just acquiring likes won’t get you anywhere. We all played the numbers game when Facebook first launched. We held contests to see who could acquire the most Facebook friends. Where has this got us? The numbers game is largely senseless so don’t misuse your time.

What you expect from Facebook are likes from engaged people. Those who are actively interested in what you do or what you sell. They are the ones who will convert into loyal followers and, hopefully, customers.

Always remember that as soon as you get engagement from someone who is not a follower, invite to like your page, through Facebook’s built-in invite feature. This is the definitive method you should use on each of the strategies below to boost Facebook likes.

You better set yourself a goal of 500 Facebook likes from engaged Facebook followers rather than 50,000 disengaged!

Here are some examples of goals:

  • Gain 100 Facebook followers every day for 3 months.
  • Gain 500 Facebook followers every day for 3 months.
  • Provide 5 pieces of content that get at least 5/10/15 Facebook Likes every week.
  • Invite every user to like your page within 24 hours of engaging with the Facebook page.

You had the idea. Start small but always push the limits. You can increase your goals as you grow. Push yourself while making sure the goals you set are achievable and realistic.

2. Prepare a content calendar

Now that you have an idea of ​​who you’re talking about, which competitors you’re trying to get the most out of, and what you want your content to achieve, we need to put together a content calendar.

Again, this is a formal term for a fairly simple process.

It just means deciding how often you’re going to be able to post really useful content on Facebook to help attract those Facebook likes. It should also guide the type of content you post.

Try to produce content on a schedule and stick to it. People are creatures of habit. Once they get used to seeing your Facebook posts on a given day, they’ll expect it that day. Keep them happy with your creative content so that they will keep returning and engaging with your content.

You can create other types of content as you go. If you’re comfortable taking photos and they work for your audience, use images. If you are a good videographer and the video would interest your target audience, use it. Facebook Live is still a great medium, even for short Facebook Stories.

If your users are more readers than viewers, stick to written content. 

3. Plan to spend at least 20-30 minutes a day on Facebook

We said at the beginning that attracting Facebook followers was all about engagement. This commitment is two-way. If you want people to engage, you need to make time to engage with them directly from your Facebook page.

This means setting aside time each day when you can to chat, answer questions, chat, ask questions, and generally engage with your audience. It might only take a few minutes to get started, but you should plan on needing more time to interact with everyone.

Respond to comments where appropriate, answer questions, offer help and advice, and engage with your followers as much as possible. 

4. Remember it's business

Facebook has two distinct sides. One side is the public side where you can watch and post the videos of others. The other is the business side. You should always remember that you are in business and act accordingly.

This means not engaging in flame wars or feeding the many trolls you will encounter. It means always being professional and taking a high moral position. Don’t engage with haters, fight or do anything to discredit your brand.

To be honest, this is probably the hardest thing we’re going to ask you to do, but also one of the most important. People won’t engage with business owners who don’t act professionally or with authority.

5. Be careful about your Facebook page that it is complete

Before you start creating quality content and trying to get more likes, first make sure your Facebook page is as good as it can be.

Make sure all parts of the Facebook page profile are filled in, your hours of operation are there, your privacy page is linked, your phone number and website URL have been filled in and subscribers have access to all the information they need.

Also, consider the About part of the Facebook page. Create an image of your business. Add a short story, complete the description, and add the correct categories, service areas, products, and all relevant entries.

Now that the core of your Facebook Page marketing effort is in place, let’s move on to some of the other tips that can generate Facebook likes.

“Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more link clicks than text-based Facebook posts.”

6. Create great content

This is the most essential rule of any marketing campaign, not only if you want to get more likes. It may seem obvious, but unless you get it right, your likes on Facebook will be rare!

Every piece of content you produce should fulfill a need, whether it’s to read the news, to be entertained, to solve a problem, or whatever. Unless you provide real value, users are unlikely to return or want to follow your Facebook page.

No matter what type of content you produce, it should always have this at its heart. Know who your audience is, design content that will appeal, meet their needs, and deliver value. It’s a winning combination!

Once you are confident, produce a range of content across all mediums, written, video, Facebook Like and images.

7. Create a prominent Facebook Like box

Create a Facebook Like area on your website as soon as you can. This way, you can leverage your blog or web traffic to build more Facebook followers and get more likes.

Creating a Facebook type box is quite simple.

Whatever CMS, be it Joomla, WordPress or another platform you use, it is easy to create one for your Facebook page. Most CMS will have plugins that can make this as easy as possible. Select a popular plugin, add it to your site, add your Facebook page details and publish it.

Make sure the Facebook Like box location is not hidden at the bottom of the page. You want it to be prominent but not get in the way. Remind people that they can like your page, but don’t encourage them to do so. It’s a delicate balance but it can be done.

8. Create a Like Facebook Popup on Your Website

People love or hate popups. Before adding one to your site, consider the target audience. If they’re likely to be okay with pop-ups, use them. If you think they probably won’t like them, don’t use them.

If you use them, you can promote your Facebook page by integrating a Facebook Like popup. You can usually set it to appear a few seconds after your user first does something on your website or immediately when they land there

If you use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, there are many plugins that help you create popups.

9. Direct users from your mailing list to your Facebook page

If you really want to increase traffic to your website, you know you should also build an email list. An email list can be a very powerful marketing tool and can also be used to build Facebook likes as well as targeted interest in your products or services.

However, use the mailing list with caution. Don’t spam followers every week with an email asking them to visit your Facebook page. Target specific persistent content or particular content that you think offers something really valuable.

10. Motivating current Facebook followers/fans to share and engage the followers you have makes best sense.

Leveraging the followers you already have makes perfect sense.

A personal recommendation and seeing users like a page will automatically attract more Facebook likes and followers. Remember that a call to action to share often results in users doing so. Simple messages like “Help us spread this important message by sharing this post” can encourage your existing fans to share by appealing to their generosity.

11. Add your Facebook page to all marketing materials

A quick and easy way to promote your Facebook Page is to add it to all of your marketing materials. Add it to

  • your business card,
  • your email signature,
  • your bills,
  • Facebook PPC Ads,
  • blog posts,
  • forum signatures
  • and anything you use professionally.

It’s a very simple thing to do but can reach an audience that other marketing methods can’t reach. A simple Facebook URL on your email signature makes it possible for everyone you come in contact with to follow you. 

12. Organize competitions

Competitions are powerful inducers of action. They appeal to the competitive nature of people, provide entertainment, engagement, and the ability to learn something or show knowledge. The competitions have a broad appeal and although they are not universal, they are broad enough that they are worth using.

Effective contest ideas include product or service naming, spotting your product in strange places, general trivia (especially if related to your brand), photo contests with customers who hold your product, puzzles, guessing the item, following the clue, etc.

13. Gifts

One of the most effective ways to increase Facebook likes is to give away something for free in exchange for a Like.

If you’re a business, this should be something fairly easy to do. Take one of your products, create a voucher or a contest, and to enter the contest, you simply ask people to follow the Facebook page. This will attract many Facebook likes, shares, and subscribers.

Be careful though.

Officially, you are not allowed to directly request Facebook likes or followings. However, many brands achieve this by asking it indirectly or by phrasing it in such a way that the Like is incidental rather than the main requirement.

The same rules that apply to contests also apply to giveaways.

14. Partnership with other brands

Facebook is all about sharing, so why not lead the way by sharing content from other brands in exchange for doing the same to them? Make sure the brand isn’t a direct competitor, but somehow relevant to what you do, and work together to help boost your followers.

For example, if you’re a web designer, you can partner up with a photographer or a graphic designer to promote each other, and you’ll both increase your own Facebook likes. Without being a direct competitor, each is relevant to the other.

15. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be extremely well targeted to the audience you are trying to attract. They cost money, so we put that last. You can use Facebook PPC ads, boost a post, or combine contests and Facebook ads with polls or carousels. Use the format that best suits your audience.

The Facebook advertising platform (accessible through the Business Manager or the Business page) has matured considerably over the past couple of years and offers some really cool ad types that you can use.

Sponsored posts, advertisements, or other paid actions through your Company Page show that you are a legitimate business. Keep track of your expenses and set your budgets and you should do a good job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of content for Facebook?

The best content on Facebook to get excellent organic reach is definitely Facebook live or Video. Facebook’s algorithms tend to push video more than static content organically, so give the platform what it asks for. The more fun, emotional, and/or engaging the content, the better. Find a way to tell a good story.

What is the best type of content for Facebook?

In general, the types of images that work best on Facebook are those that feature human faces because people are drawn to other people’s faces, especially if they’re smiling.

Can I run Likes and Tag contests?

Yes, you can run Like and Tag competitions, but in general, these tend to be removed by the algorithm and you tend to follow Facebook’s guidelines.

Should I schedule the same content multiple times?

Yes, you can schedule the same content multiple times, but be careful not to alienate your audience. It would be better to share it multiple times when new content is released and then share it less often over time. You can then schedule your best content in a few months as a #throwback so that new fans can see your best (old) content as well.

How can I schedule content?

By default, Facebook allows you to schedule content, but there are many platforms that allow you to regularly schedule your social media posts, also pulling content from your website if necessary. Most of these services are paid, although some of them have limited trials.

Conclusion: How to Increase Likes on Facebook

As you can see, there are many ways to attract Facebook followers and get Facebook likes. As long as you plan ahead, consider your audience, and target all the content you produce to that audience, you should gradually gain Facebook likes.

How quickly you attract them is entirely dependent on how much time and effort you can put into it!

Remember, social networking is just that. Social, meaning you have to go out and talk to people. Networking is a two-way conversation with engagement in all directions. Only by interacting with your audience can you retain them and hopefully convert them into paying customers

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