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Local SEO: local SEO will boost your business

Local SEO: local SEO will boost your business

Local SEO represents positioning in local searches, more specifically when it comes to searches related to a geographical location .

For example, “How to repair your computer” corresponds to a general search or query, while “Chinese restaurant in Paris” refers to a local or area query . The big difference is in the location of the search, it tells Google that you are looking in a specific area.

Although SEO has become very popular, the importance of good local SEO cannot be ignored. According to a study conducted by Google , 50% of consumers who search locally on their mobile go to the store they are looking for the same day.

If your visibility is non-existent online, you may lose potential customers and sometimes lead them to go to your competitors.

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Improve your local SEO: Find the right keywords for your business

Generally, people looking to improve their visibility in local SEO on Google are Shopkeepers or traders (SMEs). Thus, they want to reach the most people around their business. The goal is to attract the most visitors to a local area such as a shoe or clothing store.

The first trick is to find the keywords that correspond to your activity. For a future customer to arrive on your site, you must take into account 2 important ideas: your activity and your geographical location.

For example, Digital Marketing Course Ludhiana, Digital Marketing Services Ludhiana.

The idea is to match your keywords with your business activity and what your prospects are looking for.

You can use Keyword Tool or Google Keyword planner . These tools allow you to know the terms used by Google users. Thanks to these tools you can know the terms most searched for by your future customers.

When you have chosen your keywords, you will need to modify your web pages according to the terms.

How to optimize your on-page SEO simply? Write your Title tag, meta description, titles (h1, h2, h3…), as well as your image tags using your new keywords.

Be careful, however, to always keep meaning in your sentences. Quantity does not make quality. You just need to provide context to Google to make it understand your industry.

You can also take inspiration from the related searches found at the bottom of the SERP.

Add your contact details to your pages and boost your local SEO

It is important to add your business contact details on web pages (address, phone number, opening hours, name, holidays) to improve your local SEO .

These elements allow Google to find your website, so do not forget to enter your information without any fault! This is called NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone) in English.

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Local SEO: register in local online directories to boost your business

Backlinks are essential elements for a good local SEO. So to improve your local SEO, you need to get links from local directories.

Look for information websites in your area, sites dedicated to tourism, CCI… You can also discuss it with bloggers in your region or city to mention you on their blog and have an excellent backlink.

Do not forget to register your website (free and simple registration) in known professional directories such as TripAdvisor,Yellow Pages, Yelp etc.It takes time, but listing your details on these professional directories will give you much better online visibility.

In addition, your customers will be able to rate you and this will increase your credibility with Google and ultimately increase your visibility.

You have to be careful to choose your directories well because it is not a question of having as many as possible but on the contrary of selecting them well according to your sector of activity and location. So you have to prioritize quality over quantity.

Google My Business: Register your business listing

Google My Business is the number 1 local SEO tool , it was specially designed by Google to develop local visibility . The goal of Google My business is simple: locate your business on Google Maps . It allows you to enter your contact details and locate your business in your city. Enter all of your information on Google my Business (address, sector of activity, offers, opening hours, and your assets such as free WIFI).

A word of advice: When you register, take your time to choose your category carefully because it is decisive for your positioning. If you don’t know which main category to categorize, then look at what your top competitors are currently categorizing. Try to fill out your business profile as much as possible because the more complete it is, the more people will trust you.

You can also add photos of your activity to show your business to Internet users. Google my Business is free and you can edit your information at any time.

Include photos as this shows Google that you are a reliable and legitimate business. I always suggest putting: 3 photos of each of your services or products, 3 photos of your team, 3 photos of your premises (interior, exterior).

Include photos as this shows Google that you are a reliable and legitimate business. I always suggest putting: 3 photos of each of your services or products, 3 photos of your team, 3 photos of your premises (interior, exterior).

You must include your keywords in the articles but also the targeted location. Posting regularly on this platform gives you more visibility for your business and in addition almost no one does.

It’s about regularly posting localized content on Google Posts, these are small articles that disappear after a few days.

Post daily for example once a week and look at your results in your Google My Business analytics, you’ll see, it’s magic.

Receive reviews from your customers on Google My Business to gain credibility

At this point, you have already made good progress for your local SEO, but you are not at the end of your surprises. Now that you are listed in Google My Business, you are probably wondering:

How to be among the first in the Google my Business local pack?

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You need consumer reviews and feedback from them!

This is how your business will have greater visibility on google in your area.

Sometimes these opinions come naturally, but you also have to seek them out to improve your local SEO and your e-reputation . Promote your Google my business page.

I will offer you some tips that will help you get started:

  • When one of your customers has liked your services or products, don’t hesitate to ask them to rate you and leave a comment on Google (Google My business) or on other directories. Simple and effective, your most loyal customers will give you good comments, enough to attract new curious people!
  • Send your customers a link that redirects directly to your Google my Business listing. You just need to create it using the Pleper tool. This tool will produce a link that will take each of your customers to the review section of your listing.
  • Highlight widget buttons for the customer to post a comment on your website by himself
  • If you have a database of emails from your various customers, ask them by newsletter or simple email to give you feedback on your products or services.
  • Facebook is also a good way to encourage your fans to leave a comment!

I ‘ll give you another tip on reviews. It’s about asking your customers for reviews of your products or services

Yes, Google gives more importance to a long and detailed opinion rather than a short opinion like “Excellent Restaurant, I recommend!” “.

I know it sounds hard to ask your customers but don’t panic there is a method. When you ask for an opinion, specify that you want their opinion concerning the service provided or the product consumed, your customer will remember to leave an opinion related to the service, therefore a longer comment.

What if I have a negative review? Do not panic, it is already natural to have some negative opinions and comments. You should respond in a professional manner. But if the review is insulting or offensive, you must report it and delete this Google review so as not to destroy your e-reputation. Take the time to explain your situation to the Google My Business team as it is difficult to remove a review.

Optimize your mobile browsing to promote your local SEO

Mobile devices are taking up more and more space in local searches!

Google gives a high importance to websites that are adaptable on smartphones or tablets.

A mobile-friendly site will have a much better local SEO than a site that does not display or does not display well on mobile devices.

You can find out in 2 minutes if your site is mobile friendly with the Google Optimization Tool which will tell you whether or not your site is suitable for mobile phone formats.

Attention, a real mobile friendly site is a site adapted to devices but also to the user because the most important thing is not to have a responsive format, it is also to have a good user experience. on your website. Are your phone, address, CTA prominently displayed?

Optimize loading time for your local SEO

There is another essential factor for successful local SEO and this element is the speed or loading time

Google has said it many times, that the loading times of your pages are essential. On the one hand, to be well positioned and on the other hand for the UX.

Speed ​​is even more important when it comes to local SEO because most localized searches are done on a mobile phone. You can’t even imagine the number of people looking for information on 3G in Ludhiana.

Google as always offers us a solution:


Google PageSpeed ​​Insights , to allow you to measure the speed and performance of your website on desktop (computer) and mobile browsing. Google will give you a score to indicate how your site performs on different devices and some tips to improve your results.

A little extra, you can directly download the optimized images to re-upload them on your site. A real time saver.

Social networks also help locally

For my part, I use GTmetrix which allows me to better understand the elements that slow down my page. Gtmetrix is ​​a free online tool but you have to register to have the right features with the loading time by country, device and browser.

Social networks can help improve your local visibility . The objective is to register you on the relevant platforms with your activity and your business.

You should focus on the social networks that bring you the most engagement and traffic. You need to create a real community to talk about yourself.

Social networks do not have a direct effect on your SEO, but the more people talk about you, the more likely you are to have local site links, shares, NAPs and traffic on your site. This is a significant number of elements to improve your branding.

Google My Business which offers new functionalities to develop the business of establishments. Especially since Google+ shut down, Google took over most of the stuff

Many new features have appeared that are interesting for your conversions and engage with your customers and improve your local seo

Here are some examples of new features to use as soon as possible

  • Set up the “Request a quote” button on your profile. Some industries can now have a CTA on their listing that appears directly in search results.
  • Ask for a Google URL short name : it’s a kind of link that gives access to your reviews section of your listing, useful isn’t it? This dramatically improves the acquisition of reviews on your Google My Business listing.
  • Your products or Services may be displayed in search results if you complete the dedicated section

To remember

  • Find the keywords that best reflect your activity, the most sought after by your prospects and adapt your speech on your website.
  • Above all, look for localized keywords that will generate business for you, otherwise it is useless
  • The contact details of your business determine the identity of your business, mention them on your site for local referencing.
  • Register on local or specialized directories and on Google My Business.
  • Then, ask your happy customers to give you a review to improve your visibility.
  • Go mobile-friendly, most local searches are done on a smartphone.
  • Observe the results of your local SEO actions on Google my Business (number of calls, number of route requests) or Google Analytics.

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